National Car Rental

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Easy Reservations

As an Emerald Club member, reservations are easy as your profile information is easily accessible.


Rental Tracker ℠

Provides you with timely and important information about your rental when you need it.



Profile & Rewards

Access past reservations, update profile information, and redeem rewards. Track your progress to the next Emerald Club tier and credits toward free days.


Virtual Aisle

Choose your vehicle on the go using the Emerald Club® Virtual Aisle on the National Car Rental® app. Available at select locations.


  • Your arrival alert will notify you when the Virtual Aisle is an option.
  • Before your arrival, use your mobile device and the National Car Rental app to choose your vehicle.
  • Present your mobile device with your Virtual Aisle choice and barcode to the National agent, get the keys and go.  Learn More.










Download more speed and choice

Download the National Car Rental® app and tap into the power of more speed, choice and convenience - all at your fingertips.